Upcoming K-Drama 'Doona' on Netflix Answers to Release Date Rumors

doona release date netflix

Doona, a long-awaited Netflix original series was seem to set for premiere on October 20th per a Star News story, a part of Netflix's interesting schedule for the second half of the year. Netflix made it clear that the series release has not yet been decided, though.

Doona, which was adapted from the comic "The Girl Downstairs" by Min Song Ah depicts the tale of Won Joon, a regular college student and Doo Na, a former K-pop star whom he meets at a shared home. The popular webtoon "The Girl Downstairs" by Min Song Ah became the inspiration for the TV show.

As Lee Doo Na, the main character Bae Suzy excels. The star of the show and the primary singer of a popular idol group, Lee Doo Na shocked everyone by announcing her sudden retirement and leading a life of isolation. Suzy's name has been brought up frequently when talking about the virtual casting for the part due to her attractiveness and outstanding synergy with the character. Expectations are therefore rising for her excellent presentation of Lee Doo Na's deep emotions. 

doona on netflix

Yang Se Jong plays Lee Won Joon, Lee Doo Na's rivals in the meantime. Yang Se Jong returns to television with Doona in May 2020 following the end of his military service. Doo Na finds comfort in Lee Won Joon, who represents a regular college student with a kind and honest heart. 

Doona! is set to become an international hit in the world of K-dramas. The series will be presented in 9 episodes and is directed by Lee Jeong Hyo, who is known for his outstanding work on popular dramas like Crash Landing on You and Romance Is a Bonus Book.

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